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Exercise of the Week: Bear Plank to Pike

This week’s exercise is a modification of a plank. Planks work your core and shoulders, and you’ll feel this combination in your hamstrings and calves. You can split this into two exercises, if doing them as a combination is too difficult initially.

The first movement would be what is typically referred to as a “bear plank”, where you maintain a position of your arms in a push-up position, with your knees bent directly under your hips, with the feet flexed.

Bear plank
image courtesy of <menshealth.com>

The second movement is the “pike” plank, where you are either in push-up position or supported by your forearms, bottom raised in the air, forming a “V” with your body.

Pike Plank
image courtesy of <skimble.com>

Today, we’re sharing the combination of the two plank versions into one fluid motion.

  • Position yourself in a push-up position, or on your forearms, bringing your knees under your hips (upper legs should be perpendicular to the floor). My knees could stand to be tucked in just a bit more in this demo.
  • Hips should be relatively low, but with this modification I’m on my forearms, so they’re a bit higher than they would be in a push-up position.
  • Remember to keep your core activated and to avoid arching your back throughout the exercise.
  • Once you’re in position, straighten your legs to the “pike” position, hold for one second.
  • Return to the “bear” position.
  • Repeat for 10-12 reps for a set. Work towards 3 sets.

Please speak to your provider before starting any workout regimen.

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