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Two Little Words

Thank you.

Two little words that become incredibly powerful when combined.

I was raised to say please and thank you constantly. One might think that diminished their meaning or impact.

It didn’t.

My daughter was taught to use them when appropriate, shocked at how others felt it was unnecessary to respond in kind.

I often hear arguments why they are not important:

People know when you appreciate what they do. They don’t need to hear the words or be thanked.

Yes they do.

So often, we feel taken advantage of, unappreciated or downright Ignored. We can’t read minds so the idea “we know” is wrong.

A gift, phone call, card, promotion, raise, holiday, anniversary, or birthday that is not honored can fester and frustrate, all because someone thought it unnecessary to speak up.

But those two words can change everything.

They acknowledge a kindness.

They show respect.

They create an opening.

Thank you encourages a response. Not just “you’re welcome”, but some type of follow-up that encourages us to stop and think why we’re being thanked, whether we want to react, engage in conversation or just smile and walk away.

And in writing, those words are even more powerful. How many times have you been thankful for the thoughtfulness of a friend, loved one, co- worker, boss… and let it go? In this day and age of quick emojis and texts, I probably sound crazy. But I believe I speak for those of us who’ve received a hand written card or note expressing the sincere appreciation of someone touched by our actions or words- it feels incredible. To know someone took the time and effort to document their feelings is touching. I read an article over the holidays saying cards weren’t sent routinely any longer. And when they were, just a signature was attached, rarely comments.

I remember after a friend sent invites to his wedding by email we were all then thanked in another mass email:

“We appreciate all who attended and a special thanks to those who brought gifts!”

Really? Is this where we’ve descended?

As a young girl, I was required to write a heart felt personal thank you to everyone who honored my birthday in any way. Whether that was a simple birthday card or traveling thousands of miles to attend my bat mitzvah, graduation, wedding, to donations in my name or gifts. It wasn’t important what was given, only the thought that counted. And by doing so, by making the thanks personal, I benefited too. I was given another moment to savor the memory, and show how their involvement made it special. Are we so busy, so wrapped up in our own lives that we can’t stop and say a simple thank you?

I hope not.

If a random expression is too awkward, there’s always a time and place that works-
a birthday, the holidays, anniversary, after an especially sweet gesture or action.

So let me start-

Thanks to all my readers. To those who take time to read, like and share my words. It means a great deal to me.

Thanks to my patients. For allowing me to participate in your health and becoming a part of your life.

Thanks to my staff. For working so hard to make my office, practice and patients’ health a priority.

Thanks to my nurse practitioners. For giving so much of themselves to ensure patients will get the quality care they deserve.

Thanks to the lady who manages my online presence. Her input, recommendations and expertise makes all you see possible.

It may seem passé and old fashioned, but those two words can have a dramatic effect.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see what reaction they get you today?

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