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Exercise Of The Week: Standing Rows Using Resistance Bands

This week’s exercise utilizes elastic bands. You can purchase bands that provide a variety of resistance, grip bars, and door anchors (pictured below) as an inexpensive, lightweight tool to keep on track with a regular exercise regimen. If there’s a door nearby, these bands are an easy way to complete a full body workout. This week, we’ll focus on standing row,s which work your arms and back.

door elastic bands


Anchor: Secure the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at chest height.

Bands: Attach each end of the band(s) to a closed ankle strap and place your hands through the straps (so that they are resting on the top of your wrists.)

Body Positioning: Stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door while facing the door. Keep your feet hips width apart, chest up and head straight. Position your arms straight out in front of you (parallel with the floor), and your palms down.


Pull your elbows back until your they are even with your shoulders. Return to the starting position (controlling the resistance). Repeat.


1. As you pull your elbows back, keep your hands relaxed.

2. At the end of the movement, your upper and lower arm should be at a 90 degree angle.


standing row elastic bands

Please speak to your provider before starting any new exercise regimen.

dsc_0323    –Dr. Courtney


-Image and instruction provided by: bodylastics.com/high-row-mid/

2 thoughts on “Exercise Of The Week: Standing Rows Using Resistance Bands”

    1. Hello- thanks for checking out our post! The standing rows with resistance bands primarily work your back, rear deltoids, as well as your biceps and triceps.

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