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Learning From Creatures Around Us

We can learn so much from the creatures around us. Like that innocent looking skunk.

Go ahead and laugh. This furry, innocuous little animal has a powerful reputation. One that makes the biggest, fiercest animal- humans-cower in fear! No matter ones size, strength, wealth, or gender, skunk is in charge wherever it goes. Once exposed, no one ever threatens it again.

Due to its distinctive behavior and defense mechanism, humans give this tiny creature a wide berth. Skunk doesn’t threaten life, he threatens space, and in return, protects his own.

Its “I dare you” attitude commands immediate attention. Everyone respects it by name alone. How many have had to actually feel its wrath to know its not worth engaging? The mere sighting of a skunk has people rushing for cover or running to the closest exit.

That sweet looking creature makes it clear, “Mess with me and there will be consequences!”

It teaches us that by walking your walk, talking your talk and respecting yourself, anything less than respect from others is not acceptable. The skunk’s message is clear- threats are not allowed.

We can learn a lot from them. They give fair warning when they’re no longer willing to tolerate antagonism. The tail goes up long before the scent is released, as if to say “Persist at your own risk.”

We can do the same thing. We can make it clear- “Violators won’t be tolerated. Only those welcome may come near.” We alone set those boundaries.

How you present to others is what you believe about yourself. You don’t need to bully, be violent or arrogant, overwhelm, aggravate or over-power people with your sense of self, if that sense is intact and believed in. Self esteem permeates the entire body and is instantly recognized by others. Assert yourself. Not with ego, but with a comfort in who you are inside, and respect will follow. Your obvious comfort in your own skin will keep away those you don’t want close and bring in those you do. As with the skunk’s protective mechanism, your own self respect will repel those who don’t honor your space and person.

Be aware of what you project to others. Then look at the people around you. Do they reflect the characteristics, reputation and qualities you portray? Be proud of who you are and all you’ve achieved. Let your light shine through, understanding that what you believe about yourself is what people will ultimately see and believe about you.

Like that little guy, strut your stuff with confidence, knowing that come what may, you can handle anything!

dsc_0323-1    –Dr. Courtney

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