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What Is Inner Voice?

How often do you follow your gut instinct? That inner voice that tells us right from wrong? That voice that tells us “Wait, stop, something’s off”. That nagging sensation we’re missing something. That momentary feeling that raises the hairs at the back of the neck. That immediate dislike when we meet someone but can’t pinpoint why until later. Or, finally making an agonizing decision that leads to relief and joy?

This is our inner voice, that intangible essence that guides us in life to where we need to be. But how often do we listen? How many times do we write it off as premature or inconclusive, just to realize later how right it really was? Instead of nurturing it, learning and honing our skills, it grows dimmer and dimmer as we grow older and other voices take its place. Our parents, our spouses, our faith, our friends, our family. Anyone else but us.

Could that be the reason for most of our misery? The fact that we keep listening to what everyone else wants us to do and be, instead of what we believe and know in our heart is best?

Whatever you choose, remember, it was still your choice and yours alone.

Other voices are important. As a community and society we have common morals, values and laws that define parameters we should adhere to. But ultimately, we need to start encouraging ourselves and our children to listen to that inner voice and gut instinct. I believe it exists to keep us on the path we are meant to be on. By following that path and listening to who we are and where we should be, it gets us to the ultimate goal of happiness and well being. Allowing us to share those emotions with others. These are the people we meet and instinctively like.

So, take into account what other people and society say you should do, then digest it, think about it, and put it into perspective with what your inner voice says you should do. No one can decide your future for you,and no one should. Too often it’s a way to play the victim and deny responsibility.

“It’s all your fault. I did what you told me to do and see what happened?”

Whatever you choose, remember, it was still your choice and yours alone. How many times have you known, just known it was wrong but did it any way? The job, the marriage, the investment ….? Because it was easier to just go with what everyone else said was right? Next time try tuning inside and see what feels right. Start small and learn to understand the signs. With each success you’ll grow more confident and secure in your own decisions. A scary concept, I know. But one that ultimately gives you the power and wisdom to follow a path you forge.

And if it’s not the right one?

Then change course and find another one. Your body will tell you when you’ve veered off course. For most of us the secret is learning that lesson before we’ve gone too far.

We know what’s best, we just don’t always honor it.

dsc_0323-1    –Dr. Courtney

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