Weekly Exercise

Exercise Of The Week: Superman Stretch

This week’s stretch is called “The Superman”. While this stretch doesn’t make you super-human, it does strengthen your lower back and glutes.

  • Start by laying flat on the ground, stomach towards the floor.
  • Keep your legs straight and arms reaching ahead of you.
    Exhale as you slowly lift your arms, chest, and legs to form a “U” shape with your body.
    Hold the stretch for ten seconds.
    Slowly inhale as you lower your arms, chest, and legs back to the floor.
    Rest and repeat.
    If you have difficulty lifting your arms, chest, and legs, try keeping your legs flat, and lifting only your chest and arms off the ground. The motion will create half of the “U” shape of the original exercise.
  • This picture is obviously not one of mine. Due to my fusions, I can’t arch my back as shown. If lifting your chest off the floor is too difficult, try using a pillow under your chest. This way you don’t have to lift as far off the floor but you can still benefit from the stretch. The stronger you become, the sooner you can get rid of the pillow.
  • Please consult with your provider before beginning any new exercise regimen to avoid injury.
  • – Dr. Courtney
  • Images courtesy of:
  • -https://straithhospital.org/blog/5-stretches-help-prevent-joint-pain/
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