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Positive Energy

Positive energy. It comes from within. From a sense of one’s own self worth, self respect, and self esteem. Being able to look inside and say “I like me, who I am, who I have become. I’ve looked at where I’ve been, and like and feel good about where I’m going.” Not with arrogance and an over-bearing ego, but with self confidence and a comfort from within that doesn’t need to be proven to the world or shown off at every turn. We’ve all met this type of person. They’re the ones who walk in the door and everyone turns to look, because something special radiates around them. Something comforting, appealing, and warm. They attract people like magnets. And, all the while, people are asking, “Why them and not me?”. The answer is simple. They exude a positive energy that feels good to be around. They don’t try to compete, destroy, diminish, or overwhelm. They don’t try to be someone they are not, or put on airs. They are proud of their accomplishments and have pride in themselves. But equally important, they have pride in the accomplishments of others and share their happiness.

Let your own light shine through. Be the beacon that radiates positive energy and you’ll see it reflected back in others. You create your mood and your attitude. Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences. We all have ups and downs, good and bad days. Seeing everything that happens as an opportunity to grow is your choice. When times get tough, few things can be more powerful than a smile, a hug or hopeful, optimistic words.

I once read a quote:

Don’t limit your challenges

Challenge your limits

    -Dr. Courtney

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