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Thought of the Day: Why Do We Often Choose to Limit Ourselves?

Limitations. Some exist no matter what we do. It is amazing that those born with apparent limitations, or those who encounter them later in life, can rise above to show us the courage and innate ability of the human spirit. They go far beyond what we think can be accomplished. They don’t succumb, they overcome their adversities. We see this tenacity in Special Olympic athletes and soldiers who have suffered significant losses protecting our country, those who are hearing or sight impaired, and trauma victims.

Then there are the rest of us, who, with no such limitations. Yet, we place so many on ourselves every day. Some real, many not. We drown ourselves in unreasonable expectations, get mired in daily trials and tribulations that we rarely rise above even the most mundane. We are so awed and amazed by those willing to put themselves in jeopardy of failing; yet we know it’s only by attempting something that we might succeed.


When my brother lost his leg due to cancer he once told me he had to learn to adapt. It was at times heartbreaking to see him struggle and then empowering to see his ultimate triumphs. He never gave up. One day I asked him how he dealt with the challenges before him. He shared with me:

“Try to get out of a chair.”

So I did.

He said:

“I didn’t say get out of it. I said try to get up. See all the energy you waste? When you try? You already set yourself up for failure. Don’t try. Either sit, stand, or fall. Whatever happens- JUST DO SOMETHING!”

We seem to rarely acknowledge we all have the capacity to be more then we’ve settled for. It’s time we realized that we often prevent ourselves from attaining goals. With self confidence, looking inward for motivation, and setting up a positive and supportive network, we can achieve amazing heights. We can all do far more than we expect.

    -Dr. Courtney

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