The U.S. has lost 200, 000 souls do date to covid-19.
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200,000 and Counting

200,000 souls lost200,000 families destroyed200,000 human beings ignored1,000 people dying every day Some are taking the brunt of those losses more than others. Black, Indigenous, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, and Asians are dying at rate 3x higher than White people. Healthcare workers have perished unnecessarily because life saving protective gear has been impossible to find, even… Continue reading 200,000 and Counting

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The Latest On Covid-19 Testing Guidelines

Information surrounding COVID-19 continues to change rapidly and as many of us have found, learning the latest and most accurate news about the virus is no simple task when mixed with politics. This past week it was revealed that information posted on the CDC website regarding testing guidelines was modified by White House officials, bypassing… Continue reading The Latest On Covid-19 Testing Guidelines