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Courtney Medical Group has been honored and privileged to provide quality medical care to Tucson since 1988.

We are dedicated to understanding and assessing your needs and concerns. Our committed team of medical staff and providers strives to educate, prevent illnesses, and improve your health and quality of life. Your overall health is determined by more than routine exams; we seek a partnership in approaching health concerns and work to establish a lasting connection in a respectful and professional manner. Building a quality lifestyle with you is our priority, understanding that each person brings their own needs and concerns.

You have a choice in your healthcare, and we value you choosing Courtney Medical Group.

News Flash

With so much information available today, we wanted to share important news regarding your health and wellness in a simple, snapshot format. Here is the latest:

Parents, Grandparents Responsible For Half Of Child Poisonings

Most would agree that the safety of our children and grandchildren is one of our highest priorities. It may shock many people that parents and grandparents are often responsible for half of child poisonings. How can that be? A study found that caregivers take their meds out of tough-to-open containers and put them in easy reach places for convenience, they are inadvertently contributing to some 50,000 emergency room visits by kids every year who swallow dangerous pills when adults aren’t paying attention. Read more here about how this oversight can be life threatening to children.

Updated 2/20/2020

Additional Meds Added To Ranitidine Recall List

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is adding to a list of recalled lots of popular heartburn medications, including generic forms of Zantac, because the pills might contain small amounts of a suspected carcinogen, NDMA. New evidence points to the production of NDMA when ranitidine is exposed to heat. For additional information, read here.

Updated 1/26/2020

FDA Exerts Authority Over Vaping Products In An Effort To Protect Public Health As Lung Injuries Continue To Rise

January 2020 brought about another FDA regulation over the e-cigarette market as EVALI cases continue to rise. Flavored e-cigarette cartridges are no longer permitted to be manufactured, sold, or distributed by companies, or else face FDA enforcement actions. Companies were given only 30 days to comply with the regulation.

Updated 1/26/2020

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What’s New at Our Practice

Schedule Your 2020 Annual Physical Today!

Most insurance companies cover an annual physical with no cost to the patient.

An annual physical exam is a visit focused on preventative care, immunizations, healthy lifestyle discussion, and coordinating care and referrals. Please keep in mind your annual physical is not part of your office follow-up appointments. An office visit, sick visit, or medication check appointment is a time to discuss and evaluate new and existing medical conditions.

You can call us (520-797-8555), Monday-Friday 8a-5p or contact us here. We look forward to helping you coordinate your annual physical appointment to ensure you start the new year off on a healthy note!

We Have Moved To A New Location!

We are excited to announce that Courtney Medical Group has moved! Our new office is located at 1671 W. Ina Road, Ste 101, Tucson AZ, 85704. You can read more about our new location here.

CBD Products Now Available

Courtney Medical Group now offers CBD infused products! What is CBD? It is a component of marijuana called a cannabinoid. CBD does not cause a high, but does appear to exert pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects and reduce anxiety. For more information, read here. You can also see what products are available for purchase here.

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We add a new blog post daily- topics range from general wellness information, local events and activities throughout Tucson, Arizona, weight loss information, Dr. Courtney’s personal perspective on a variety of topics, and an in-depth look into living with chronic pain. You can find our most recent posts below, and you can search our archives here.

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I have never met a doctor or person in the medical field that has impressed me as much as Dr. Courtney. At first I thought she was a bit brusk and dismissive, but as I continued appreciating her expertise in my examination, I discovered that her demeanor was better described as efficient, thorough and deliberately extensive. I became a huge fan because of her ability to immediately address every concern of mine, assess causes and related conditions that I was unaware of and to an extensive follow through on each and every detail. She has been so complete in her interviews and referrals that I have literally found her to be responsible for possibly saving my life by determining that I may have lung cancer, which I do, and that finding out this early has given me a greater chance for survival. When all the assessment was done during our last encounter she took the time to talk to me on a more personal level and came across as one the most caring and emotionally supportive individuals I have ever encountered. I read some of the other reviews and it quickly became obvious to me that any negative reviews were most likely from individuals attempting to cast her in an inappropriate negative light, rejected patients that I can only conclude were weeded out due to their drug seeking, not for legitimate medical reasons. She is brilliant, she is kind and she is not going to waste valuable time on false premises presented by disingenuous claims. She is too smart for that. I can’t praise her enough, thank you Susan from the bottom of my heart.

Thank You, From The Bottom of My Heart!

We have been seeing Dr. Courtney and staff for over a decade, she is a very caring and concerned about our health. I know she may come across as terse to some people because of her ‘Just the facts’ questioning so she can get to a root of the medical issue and a correct diagnosis.
I totally trust Dr. Courtney and her staff and would definitely recommend her practice to friends and family and everyone.

-George G.

Gets To The Root Of The Medical Issue!