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8 Ghoulishly Healthy Halloween Snacks

It can be difficult to find healthy snack options to share with guests for Halloween parties and gatherings. It doesn’t all have to be sweet, chewy, sugary, and unhealthy! We rounded up 8 wonderful, healthy ideas that put a fun spin on old classics- perfect for Halloween festivities. Enjoy!

Mummy apple crypts

Apple pie is a classic dessert of the fall season. This version is bite-sized and helps bring in the first holiday of the season in the spookiest of ways. The recipe calls for only a few ingredients and these are done baking in 20 minutes. They are a great project for kids to do during a gathering, or something to throw together quickly before guests arrive.

Jack o’ lantern salad

Just because Halloween is traditionally filled with sweet treats doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a salad. This creative idea is one way to add some veggies to the mix. Opt for a slaw-type salad (or finely slice ingredients) to help it fit the space more easily. We linked in a delicious slaw that contains toasted almonds, dried cranberries, and shredded cabbage as a base, so it will hang on for the duration of the fun.

Ghost fruit skewers

These kabobs are super easy to make, and are a great way to include a fruit serving amongst all the other sweet treats of the season. It is scary easy to use a little bit of icing to draw the faces on the marshmallows.

Monster sandwiches

These little monster sandwiches are a perfect sized snack for a gathering that’s on-the-go. Meeting friends at the house and then heading out for trick or treating? These monsters can tag along too. Or, add these into the lunch mix for the days before Halloween for a spooky surprise sure to make your little one smile when they open their lunch box.

Eyeball yogurt bark

This yogurt bark is a great sweet-ish treat that incorporates fruit, but is not loaded with sugar or processed items. Add in any mix of fruit or nuts you’d like, but don’t forget to include the homemade google eyeballs (learn to make them, here), because that’s what really sets this apart from all the other treats!

Deviled spider eggs

Typically people don’t like to see spiders in their homes- but these may be welcomed back again next year, they’re so creative and tasty. Most deviled egg recipes are heavy on the mayonnaise, but this recipe skips mayo, only has four ingredients and doesn’t lack flavor.

Candy corn fruit parfait

This layered color combination is a dead ringer for a Halloween staple- candy corn! Incredibly easy to make- just layer chopped pineapple and peeled clementines. The recipe calls for other ingredients for the topping, but you can modify and top it with low fat, plain Greek yogurt (or vanilla). These delicious parfaits help set the stage for Halloween festivities without adding to the sugar rush.

Spiders on a log

This is a cute twist on a tried and true snack- fill celery sticks with peanut butter and add raisins with a few extra chocolate details (using a frosting tip). . .BOO! You have spiders on a log. If anybody in the group has a peanut allergy (or you’re unsure and just want to play it safe), you can use cottage cheese or sun butter (made of sunflower seeds) instead of peanut butter.

These tasty ideas are just a few options for healthy Halloween treats. If there’s a treat you usually enjoy, but it’s loaded with sugar or other ingredients that you think will put a crimp on your healthy eating habits, don’t beat yourself up if you decide to eat it. Allow yourself to enjoy the foods you crave- just be smart about it- have a smaller portion, swap out some of the ingredients for healthier alternatives, have the treat you enjoy the most and skip other candy, etc. Most importantly, remember healthy living isn’t built on what you do in one day, it is a lifestyle, built around staying physically active, preventative health care, consistent sleep patterns, being aware of your food choices and building a positive relationship with food, and so many other facets.

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