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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Over a quarter of a millions souls have perished so far. We are now losing thousands of precious lives everyday, 1 every minute. We are all exhausted. We are all ready to move on. Especially now with the holidays upon us. We desperately need a sense of normalcy. A chance to see our family and friends. A chance to celebrate, laugh, cry, hug and share with each other. Unlike any other time, the isolation of this season hurts the most. 

I understand how hard it is to acknowledge, now more than ever we need to stay in our bubbles. Only commingle with those we have already been exposed to daily. Wear a mask at all times. Stay in our homes as much as possible. The country shut down when it was a quarter as bad as it is now. This is not the time to quit, not when a vaccine is just around the corner. How sad and horrifying would it be to lose your life or that of a lived one just before salvation is here?

The arrival of vaccines. What an amazing feat, to have a viable vaccine in under a year! In the past they have taken several years to develop. That’s why so many are skeptical and worried about introducing something so quickly produced, into their bodies. In addition to inaccurate data flooding our news sources, outright lies spewing from those in power who should know better, and social media sites rampant in disseminating garbage and misconceptions, it’s hard to know who to listen to. Of course, we should be leery about any information spouted in this day and age.

That’s why it is imperative to look for unbiased, science-based, data oriented resources. Like reputable medical facilities; Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes for Health), WHO (World Health Organization), all that have researched the claims. Yes, they have all been tainted this year, and many muzzled or fired because they dared to utter the truth. But given free reign to discuss scientific data, they are our best resources. Thankfully, they are working diligently to restore credibility and confidence in their guidance.

Just like putting a man on the moon, this incredible feat happened because the entire world focused it’s combined resources, intelligence and human tenacity to find answers no matter the obstacles. The timely research was already in the pipeline. It just hadn’t been cracked yet- using synthetic messenger RNA to direct the body to create protection against an illness.

This is the science behind the current vaccines, ready to be authorized. When a specific gene is required to respond to a specific condition, mRNA is made, copied and then disseminated throughout the body. DNA is the playbook , mRNA is the actual play. The much touted Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use a synthetic mRNA that has information regarding the Coronavirus signature protein that is released after infection. In effect, it tells the body to produce a small amount of this spike protein, which then allows our immune system to produce protective antibodies. As a result, this fragile coder may require special conditions to keep it viable.

Let’s squash some of the more concerning falsehoods concerns this incredible breakthrough:

It will not give you COVID-19

None of the vaccines currently being considered for use in the U.S. contain the live Coronavirus. They merely will teach our bodies through synthetic means how to recognize and fight the infection. This can sometimes cause symptoms such as a fever, aches and pains. Which just reinforces the vaccine is working, not making you ill.  A couple in my practice joined the Pfizer clinical trials. One got sick after the “vaccine” was administered, the other did not. The person who experienced the symptoms was so relived to have received the vaccine, she was in tears.

You will not test positive for COVID-19

Since developing an immune response to the virus is the goal, you may test positive for the antibodies.

Should you get the vaccine if you already got sick from COVID-19

Yes, you still should get the vaccine even if you had the infection already. Due to the serious potential consequences of this particular virus and the unknown question of how long someone remains immune from “natural immunity”, getting the vaccine may add significantly to that protection.

It will not alter your DNA

 Messenger RNA is merely a code directing a particular response. It cannot alter or change DNA or genetic makeup because it never enters the nucleus of a cell where our DNA resides.

Vaccines have always been a miraculous and ingenious way to allows us the ability to generate protection against a destructive and potentially deadly disease without ever getting sick. The real question isn’t- should we all get the vaccine? The real question is- how and when will we all have the chance to get this life-saving vaccine?










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