It was inevitable that the President of the United States would contract Covid-19.
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It Was Inevitable

It was inevitable.

It doesn’t matter if you test everyone around you.

A negative test doesn’t mean you aren’t infectious or incubating the virus. It takes 14 days after an exposure to know for sure, so a negative test is just a quick snapshot that doesn’t define what may be brewing.

It doesn’t matter if you have a whole slew of people surround you.

They too will get infected.

It doesn’t matter if you stand on a stage, if you don’t use the precautions of a mask to stop others droplets.

And it certainly doesn’t help if you flaunt all recommended precautions and refuse to-
Socially distance, wash hands, and wear masks.

COVID-19 doesn’t care who you are. Given the opportunity, it will infect anyone and everyone it can. Then it’s up to each individuals immune response, underlying medical conditions and available health care resources.

For most of us, that means staying home until life threatening symptoms appear. Then hoping the hospital in our area isn’t overloaded, forcing us home again or referred miles away to another facility.

Sadly, some hospitals are so overwhelmed they have been forced to triage care. This means those of us with the least chance of recovery (like those in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with co-morbidities) and unlikely to benefit from life saving interventions as an equally sick young person would, are sent home.

As a private citizen, Trump may not have made the cut.

Of course, that doesn’t happen to the president of the United States.

He not only gets immediate access to the hospital but immediate access to any experimental treatments that are available as well. These have included antibodies and remdesivir the rest of us can only hope to receive when we are in dire straights and close to death.

That’s the way it should be, he’s the head of the most powerful nation in the world. His title demands such attention, regardless of his behaviors. He has purposely withheld life saving information that could have saved tens of thousands of American lives.

He has refused to wear a mask and ridiculed those who do to protect and honor life.

He has not only refused to listen to the experts but actively manipulated and deceived the public on the truth of how deadly this virus can be and how it’s disseminated.

He has demanded the opening of businesses and schools, without proper precautions, that endanger countless souls. Young and old alike.

He has not used the power of the government to ensure lifesaving protection and equipment is available to all healthcare workers and Americans alike.

This was inevitable.

After contracting the virus he espoused a better understanding of the disease, yet minutes later left isolation, walked outside and exposed everyone in his path. To take a joy ride.
He later claimed COVID isn’t as bad as claimed and for the public “[not to let] it dominate your life.” This amid the worst pandemic in a century already impacting over 7 million Americans resulting in over 200,000 souls lost.

They all died alone and isolated.

Is this a mental reaction to the treatments he has received? Steroids can make you feel invincible and euphoric, while increasing blood sugar levels and impairing the immune system response and sleep patterns. It can also lead to psychosis. Is this a neurological consequence of his COVID-19 infection?

He left after 3 days of inpatient care, stood on a White House balcony, clearly short of breath, and then ceremoniously removed his mask before entering the people’s house where conscientious men and women work around the clock to keep America functioning. This will only exacerbate the already overwhelming numbers of staff exposed and infected.
Whatever the reason, he chose to expose others to a deadly virus. If you do this with AIDS it’s a felony in multiple states.

He’s still infectious, he’s still sick. For many, the worst occurs days to weeks after the initially positive test. Herman Cain attended one of Trump’s rallies on 6-24-20. After repeatedly professing he was feeling better, he passed away 7-30-20.

We all wish Trump a safe and speedy recovery with all the tools available today.
Then, with a personal perspective for the horrors this illness wreaks, one can hope he will finally advocate for the people he serves.

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