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One Every Minute

One every minute.

On July 29, 2020 one precious soul was lost to COVID -19 every minute in this country. COVID-19 now ranks as the 3rd highest reason for deaths in the United States of America, behind cardiac and cancer.

This is what we’ve come to.

The GDP – Gross Domestic Product -dropped 32.9%. That’s the largest drop in history. One third of all our production has ceased, along with over 40 million jobs. All because we haven’t dealt with a pandemic that is destroying lives and running rampant throughout our cities.

No other country in the world has suffered such damage to the heart, soul and livelihood of their nation.

With only 4% of the world’s population, we have over 25% of all COVID-19 infections. The majority of Europe averages a few hundred new infections a day, the U.S. 60,000! They did the work. They minimized exposure sufficiently enough to reopen their countries and still be able to intervene quickly if anything changed. By now it has to have become personal to most, if not all of us.

By now we all have to be feeling the devastation.

More and more patients are returning from hospitalizations due to COVID-19. Their stories are horrifying, brutal and hard to hear. Families could not see, hold or comfort loved ones. Only a few phone calls with the hospital staff let them know if their family still lived.
For those admitted, days seemed endless. Stuck in a bed with nothing but their own thoughts and memories to keep them company. Rarely seeing another soul. And when they did, so much protection made it impossible to know if a woman or man was nearby, until they spoke. It was only during those precious moments that they had any type of human contact.

Just a few short weeks ago Arizona was seeing 4,000 new Coronavirus cases a day. That’s when we had relaxed restrictions. At one point we were the worst State in the union.
We’ve all had enough. Months into this pandemic we want to get back to normal. Move on. But that’s not up to us. The virus is in control. Until we change that fact, life as we knew it cannot return. Pretending it doesn’t exist, ignoring the facts will exact a terrible price.

The good news? Just mandating masks and closing bars, gyms, etc. cut Arizona’s devastating surge in half! Those actions alone saved countless lives.

We now know children age 10 and older have the same amount of virus as adults and younger than 5 have roughly a hundred times the virus in their nasopharyngeal passages when positive for COVID 19. What that means in terms of infectivity and transmission is unclear. But with many Governors demanding schools reopen this month for in-person teaching without the proper safety measures necessary due to cost, lack of space and poor ventilation, this could catastrophically impact already overwhelmed communities. That forced, close quarter contact could send ripple effects throughout a nation already reeling from horrifying infection and death rates.

If the federal and state governments won’t coordinate and demand measures that have clearly worked in other countries then doing whatever we can as individuals is our only option.

Staying safe doesn’t mean staying isolated. That too breeds despair, abuse and depression. Call, Zoom, Face Time, text- a lot! Keep in touch throughout the day. And keep connecting. For many, that connection is all they have. We all need to know we aren’t alone, that others care if we get up in the morning. Let’s just change how we make that known.

Otherwise, we’ll be wishing for the days it was only one precious soul lost every minute.

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