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Memorial Day 2020; Honoring All Who Have Passed While Serving Our Country

As we observe this Memorial Day, all of us at Courtney Medical Group would like to take a moment to remember the fallen members of the United States Armed Forces. Memorial Day is a treasured national holiday. Enacted in 1971, it gave us the opportunity to mourn and honor as a nation all those who have died while serving their country. Sadly, these unique times have expanded that title once again to include those souls taken too early due to the war against the COVID-19 infection.

These past few months have made it more clear than ever that there are many unsung heroes in our community; military personnel, medical providers,and those in roles we require every day- delivery drivers, grocers, caregivers, food packers, teachers, utility workers, and many others. Memorial Day is an opportunity to recognize and remember all those who have sacrificed a future with loved ones, the possibilities ahead, and ultimately their lives to protect, serve, and care for our welfare.

Please join us in remembering those who selflessly gave their lives for our country, in all their unique capacities.

In past years, there have been many beautiful celebrations on Memorial Day. This year due to the pandemic, many events have been canceled or are modified to prevent further spread of the virus. Please reach out to specific organizers to confirm details of events.

Today, and always, we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and the families whose lives were changed forever due to their loved ones heroism.

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