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Fall In Love With These 8 Healthy Valentines Day Treats

Right when we all thought we were clear of the holidays that are almost always accompanied by sugar-heavy, decadent foods, Valentines Day is on the horizon. Fear not! Here are 8 recipes that are easy to create for your family, to share with those at the office, or just a treat for yourself (you deserve it!).

Heart Pancake Kabobs

This cute idea is a fun way to get the day started, without making a huge adjustment to the breakfast routine or needing many supplies. To make the hearts, all you need is a squeeze bottle (like this condiment container), to make the shape in the pan. Then, add fruit and the pancakes to the skewers and -voila- Valentines Day themed breakfast.

Berry Green Smoothie

The color and nutritional boost from this smoothie are sure to put a pep in your step this Valentines Day. It contains spinach, berries, Greek yogurt, avocado, and chia seeds, which are loaded with nutrients, probiotics, and protein.

Chocolate Raspberry Bites

What’s wonderful about this idea is that the portion of sweetness is small. You could have a handful of these and have only consumed a small amount of extra sugar (from the chocolate) than you would have without the chocolate chips. To reduce the amount of sugar, you can also use semi-sweet chocolate chips. Don’t go overboard though- if the portion becomes too large, then it defeats the whole idea of being able to indulge on a healthy scale.

Dark Chocolate Popcorn Clusters

With only 113 calories per cup, this heart-healthy recipe makes for the perfect snack. This quick treat also contains almonds, so you get the added benefit of the snack helping hold off your hunger until your next meal.

Heart Platter

This heart platter is a fun way to share a snack with others and making it a healthy option. No different than any other veggie or cheese tray other than the shape of the foods- use a cookie cutter to achieve the themed cutouts.

Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Carbonara

This pasta dish is a great option for a quick Valentines Day dinner. It is loaded with vegetables, and you can opt to add chicken or beef to make it more hearty, or keep it as a vegetarian option for a lighter meal.

Frozen Yogurt Hearts

This recipe only contains two ingredients- the fruit, and yogurt. Opt for a low-sugar yogurt option to help keep the idea on the healthy side. It’s a wonderful substitution for ice cream or pastries, and the portion size allows for people to enjoy the treat without any guilt.

Dark Chocolate Bark With Pistachios and Cranberries

Containing only four ingredients, this delicious dark chocolate bark is loaded with pistachios, which provide the benefit of protein, vitamins, and minerals, cranberries that provide a fun tang, and the decadence of the chocolate. All these combined are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Valentines Day is a wonderful day to celebrate those you appreciate with a little treat. As you can see, the recipes don’t have to be overly complicated or unhealthy. Are there any healthy treats you enjoy making on Valentines Day? Share them in the comments!

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