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Halloween Treats So Healthy It’s Spooky!

It can be difficult to find healthy snack options to share with guests for Halloween parties and gatherings. It doesn’t all have to be sweet, chewy, sugary, and unhealthy! We rounded up 8 wonderful, healthy ideas that put a fun spin on old classics- perfect for Halloween festivities. Enjoy!

Spiders On A Log

Image courtesy of: onmykidsplate.com

This is a cute twist on a tried and true snack- fill celery sticks with peanut butter and add raisins with a few extra chocolate details (using a frosting tip). . .BOO! You have spiders on a log. If anybody in the group has a peanut allergy (or you’re unsure and just want to play it safe), you can use cottage cheese instead of peanut butter.

Jack O’ Lantern

Image courtesy of: Craftymorning.com

Using a food safe pen, like these, you can decorate clementines to look like mini jack o’ lanterns. A clever idea that serves as a great grab-and-go snack at any Halloween party!

Candy Corn Parfait

This layered color combination is a dead ringer for a Halloween staple- candy corn! incredibly easy to make- just layer chopped pineapple and peeled clementines. The recipe calls for other ingredients for the topping, but you can modify and top it with low fat, plain Greek yogurt (or Vanilla). These delicious parfaits help set the stage for Halloween festivities without adding to the sugar rush.

Ghost Kabobs

Health(ier) halloween treats
Image courtesy of: suburbia-unwrapped.com

These Kabobs can be modified to exclude the marshmallows. You can use grapes, or chunks of banana, for example. Whatever you choose, it will be ghoulishly easy and tasty for your guests.

Hauntingly Cute Salad

Image courtesy of: creativehealthyfamily.com

Just because Halloween is traditionally filled with sweet treats doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a salad. This creative idea is one way to add some veggies to the mix. Opt for a slaw-type salad (or finely slice ingredients) to help it fit the space more easily. We linked in a delicious slaw that contains toasted almonds, dried cranberries, and shredded cabbage as a base so it will hang on for the duration of the fun.

Deviled Spider Eggs

deviled spider eggs
Image courtesy of: deliciousasitlooks.com

Typically people don’t like to see spiders in their homes- but these may be welcomed back again next year, they’re so creative and tasty. Most deviled egg recipes are heavy on the mayonnaise, but this recipe only has four ingredients and doesn’t lack flavor.

Cheese And Cracker Broomsticks

Image courtesy of: onelittleproject.com

Pretzels, string cheese, and if you have an extra moment, some chive. That’s all you need to put together these crafty broomsticks.

Spooky Sliders

Image courtesy of: chelseasmessapron.com

These can be made several ways. Chelseasmessyapron suggests that you use frozen Italian meatballs. But, you can also make your own using lean ground turkey (find a great recipe here), to keep the calories down and help you avoid processed food.

These are just a few examples of how healthy party fare can be decorated creatively and also satisfy hunger- while also adding to the Halloween fun. Do you have any favorite recipes or fun ideas for Halloween gatherings? Please share in the comments!

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