ground zero on 911
A Message from Courtney Medical Group

Never Forget

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

It’s a question most of us can relate in painful detail, since it’s indelibly seared into our collective souls.

I was home awaiting a couple of friends who rushed in, turned on the TV, and stood with me for hours while we watched in horror and disbelief.

That was a day when the United States of America’s innocence ended. When we learned the awful truth-we are vulnerable.

It was also a day when we came together as I’d never seen before.

Our differences became irrelevant.
Our squabbles inconsequential.
All that mattered was unity.

We came together as a country and made it clear- We Are One.

Today we honor all those who lost their lives.

Today we honor those brave responders who charged into the fray, never thinking of the price they might pay.

Today we honor all those who lost someone or whose lives were changed forever on this day, eighteen years ago.

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