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New Beginnings With The New Year

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. It is an incredible moment when the clock strikes midnight, and no matter where you are in the world, a new year begins. It doesn’t matter what your faith or belief- we all honor the Christian calendar as the primary means to reference our common civil date. So for most, this day is universal.

To me it’s magical.

I’ve been all over the world to celebrate that moment. My daughter asked me once why it’s so special. For so many, it’s just another ordinary night that turns into another ordinary day.

But not for me.

On New Year’s Eve 2004, we stood at the end of 7th Avenue, where it hits Central Park in New York City. We were the furthest back we could be on the street and still see the ball drop. It had been so long since I had been to the city I had forgotten how remarkable it was. Or maybe it’s that we’d both changed – grown older, wiser, after so many traumas, celebrations and time. Together we weathered so much and still came out kicking and ready for more.

In the beginning, I worried about my decision to visit New York City. I was afraid it would be covered with a shroud of fear and death, but nothing could have been further from the truth. The indomitable spirit and courage of the people permeated everything. From the street vendors to the people on Fifth Avenue. It was all so uniquely New York and yet at the same time a wonderful cornucopia of differences and commonality all rolled into one. There’s an energy, strength and life in New York that’s all its own. You can sense and feel it, but I doubt ever really be a part of, unless you actually live and breathe the air daily. The city generated a palpable difference this time. Even though she had suffered such loss and tragedy, the people came alive with a warmth and unity- she glowed.

That night was one of the warmest they’d had in years. My daughter and I were surrounded by a million people waiting for the countdown. A silence took over as the last few moments approached. It’s an incredible feeling, to be in a group all thinking the same thing. All looking at the year we’d lived with its up and downs, good and bad. Knowing it’s about to leave as a new one is entering. All standing together with our hopes and dreams for a better, kinder, happier year that would fulfill our wishes and dreams. For that one moment, we were all of one mind, one consciousness.  It’s a phenomena I’ve only experienced on New Year’s Eve.

We’ve been to Epcot where the globe is showcased in all its glory and richness. A capacity crowd of 80,000 people all stood in awe to see each country’s show, which highlighted its culture and way of life. It wound around the lake, to end with the United States of America.  For one moment, we were all one people, sharing one hope for a better future. There’s nothing like tens of thousands of voices singing Auld Lang Syne while being reminded we’re only a small part of a very big world. No matter where you live we all want the same things- freedom from tyranny, good health, opportunities for ourselves and loved ones.

My daughter and I have traveled all over the world. We’ve shared countless New Years and every one of them delivered the possibility of great things to come. Where would we be without hope?

Every New Year’s Eve is like a communal rebirth and new start. When everyone gets to shed the last year and step anew into the next one.

From all of us at Courtney Medical Group have a wonderful, safe, healthy and happy new year.

Dr. Courtney

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